Thursday, July 4, 2013

Why website is the need of any business?

Internet marketing has totally changed the marketing game. There are many reasons for which a business must have a website.

Enhance new market & get Global exposure:

Your business will get the global exposure. You can connect their business to the world. Without a website your business will only be restricted to the local consumers. With a website you can get millions of potential consumers. Your business is visible to million of consumers because of your website.

No space limits

You can provide a detailed information about your company. Website have unlimited space, there are no word limits. 


You can edit your information anytime. Compare to print ads and catalogs they don't have the edit option. A website works like an online catalog of the company, you can add new updates to your website whenever you want. It saves money on printing.

24X7 Visibility

Your consumers can access your business website 24X7 hours. All time your website will be visible on the internet, but with the other advertising tool your ad can only visible for some hours or for some days.

 Professional image of the company

Website present a professional image of the company in front of the consumers. Consumer search first about your company then only they will decide whether your company is worth for them or not. A professional website shows consumers that how big you are.

FAQ's helps to improve consumer services

A section of Frequently asked questions is a way to get feedback and also to clear the consumer doubt. You can improve your services in that way.

Lead generation

A professional website is an advanced way of generating leads. If your website is ranked by SEO and you have a top ranking of your website for certain keywords then when ever consumers will search those keywords, your company will come on top of their search result. In that way you can generate your new leads.

Having a website is far better than traditional promoting tools.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Color Your Hair Naturally - using natural Ingredients.....

Fashion is no longer as before, Fashion trend has changed a lot. Today coloring hair is a part of fashion and to be trendy. There are many products available to the market for coloring hair. Many people like to use these hair color products. In this world category of some people also exists who don't trust these market products. They don’t  use it and that’s why they won’t color their hair but they desire to color their hair.For those people there are some natural ingredients available through which they can be able to color their hair naturally.

Lemon, beet, black tea or coffee and tomato sauce are the natural ingredients through which you can color your hairs naturally.

Reddish purple hair

Those who want reddish purple color on their hair,  beet is the main  ingredient for them.  Take beets and puree it and apply all over the hair. Then go in sun for one hour and then wash & condition your hair. It will give a dark reddish purple shade to your hair.

Blonde hair

Same process like above only the ingredient is lemon you need four –five lemons, it depends on the hair type how much lemon you will need. Get the juice of it and pour it to all over the hair. Go in the sun and wash & condition your hair after one hour.

Red Hair

The tomato sauce is the main ingredient for getting red hair. Take a large bottle of tomato sauce, pour all over the hair and complete the sun and future process.

Brown Hair

The main ingredients for it is black tea of coffee. Make a batch of black coffee or tea, Leave it to make it cool, a slightly warm that it won’t burn your skin and pour it to your hair, then complete the sun and wash & condition process.

Multi-color hair

Those who want a multi-color they can use all the ingredient in different portions of the hair. Then get into the sunlight and wash & condition. These natural ingredients must need sunlight so a good sunny weather is the perfect time to do it.

Now color your hairs naturally and give a fashionable shades to your hair.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A new app for chat lovers -WeChat

"We Chat " its a mobile application for text & video messaging. It is developed by "Tencent" in china.China people called “Weixin”  an another name of WeChat. This app is big in terms of the users which is 300 million.

Amazing and different features of Wechat:
We Chat has some differences and new features which whatsapp haven't. Some of the features which differentiate with it from other chat apps. 

Audio message: A first attraction for users is audio message. Sometimes we tired of pressing buttons to type messages. WeChat provides users to directly send audio messages.

Video calls :  We can talk to our friends face to face by video call feature. Just like Skype.

Web We Chat: This feature allows a user to talk with the friends between Smartphones and computers.

Look Around: It is used to search of nearby friends. A local people which are near to you.

Shake: If you would like to talk to stranger globally by using shake you can search for We chat buddies all over the world.  

Social Connect: You can operate social networks like Facebook from it.

Platforms which support WeChat:
  • Android
  • iPhone,
  • BlackBerry
  • Windows Phone,
  • Symbian
Languages supported by it:
  • Chinese, 
  • English
  • Indonesian, 
  • Spanish,
  • Portuguese
  • Thai,
  • Vietnamese,
  • Russian.
It supports 2G, 3G, 4G & WiFi data networks . Chat lovers it available on  App Store/Google Play

Monday, June 24, 2013

Essential 5 E's of Social Media...

In a simple words “social media is online way of word of mouth” which is very effective tool for advertiser. Social media includes web-based and mobile based technologies which are used to turn communication into interactive dialogue between organizations, communities, and individuals. 

Advertising is a form of communication used to encourage or persuade an audience. Everything changes according to the time. Internet provides new platforms for advertisers to advertise. Either a business is small  or big; social media is used for their business to attract the online consumers as well to publicize about their brands.

There are 5E's which are very essential elements for social media. 5E's stands for:
  1.    . Engage
  2.      Entertain
  3.      Educate
  4.      Enrich
  5.     .Empower
Everything starts with engagement. This is our time; this is your time. How well your advertisement is able to engage the audience. The penetration of the internet and rise of convergence has changed the dynamics of media consumption's. Your consumer must engage with your online data but if we look at number of patents that researcher are filling in US pertaining to quantitative, statistical and complex algorithms for media planning; it becomes evident that human judgment is no longer reliable. There is just too much data. Consumer loses their interest from the topic because of too much data. If we wanted to engage the consumers to our brands, ads, etc our information must be in accurate way that consumer get the right message instead of losing in data.

Arvind Sharma, chairman of Indian subcontinent, Leo Burnett said the most unsuccessful campaigns tell one sided products stories” he also indicate that “communication must has to be reflect the essence of the brand. For example campaign for BJP on 2009 the question is – are you advertising BJP or are you advertising L.K Advani? It was a one sided product speak; as a result, I was not surprised with the outcome of elections.
In the global context the idea of ads as entertainment took center stage with the rise of super bowl. During those days it was concept about mini movies. Today it goes beyond that. “Volkswagen’s ‘The force’ campaign for the new pass at, which won the top spot during super bowl 2011, became one of the top viral campaigns of the year, accumulating 10 millions hit on YouTube before the game itself.

 We can educate consumers by ad campaigns. For example the famous polio campaign with the famous Bollywood superstar amitabh bachan in India. Even the great contribution of Jaago re campaigns by Tata Tea to educate consumers. Social media plays vital role to deliver these ad campaigns among the consumers.
 While entertaining or empowering ad can increase the brand recall of the product, an essential element that can differentiate is how you communicate the experience behind the product service you are marketing.

Today people are far more conscious about their individual identity and needs than ever before. The market is quite transparent allowing them to compare, judge, discuss and provide direct feedbacks. Therefore it is increasingly important for a brand to communicate with and plan for consumer empowerment. Consumers have turned themselves into prosumers and in the act role reversal, are influencing providers for better service and product.

These five essential elements are the reason for the consumers to stick with the brands, products online. In present scenario social media is playing vital role to make stick consumers online. 

Online Banking and the benefits.

What is online Banking?
“Online Banking is a computerized service which allows a Bank’s consumer to use their bank accounts online.”
 It permits to the consumers to access their bank accounts via the internet. It's also known as internet banking, net banking and E- banking.

The benefits of having Internet banking:
Most of the consumers  started using online banking but there are also people who are not using online banking. There are some reasons why one must have online banking:
·         24x7 accessibility
·         No waiting in a queue
·         Reduce expenses
·         Track record
·         Online shopping
·         Bill payments
·         Fund transfer & loans
·         Access From Anywhere

24X7 Accessibility:
 It’s a busy world where people hardly get time for everything. Consumers can access their bank account anytime because there is no time frontier. It only requires a computer or a mobile with internet access.

No waiting in a queue:
It’s extremely irritating to wait in a long queue. Online Banking is a smart way to avoid it.

Reduce Expenses:
Online banking is convenient in many ways it helps to reduce expenses. It eliminates the cost of stamps and ordering cheques as well commute expenses.

Track Record:
Online banking maintains a track record of your transactions. You can review your banking activities. Its an easy way to monitor accounts.

Online shopping:
Online shopping became a trend for consumers nowadays.   Internet Banking helps you to shop more anytime and anywhere.

Bill payments:
Via online banking not only consumers can shop but also they can pay their bills like electricity, telephone bills etc.

Fund transfer & Loans
You can apply for many types of loans and transfer your funds via online banking.

Access from Anywhere:

No need to visit a bank which is located in a particular place. Consumers can access their accounts from any place with the help of the internet. They can access online banking anytime anywhere.